New plugin: Soulseek


New new plugin ist available on cvs: Soulseek. Enjoy.

Second plugin available: DirectConnect


The DirectConnect plugin just was made public on cvs. Please note that Lopster II still is in development and this is only a prototype version for testing.

First experimental plugin for Lopster II


I've just added the napster plugin for Lopster II to the cvs repository. To try Lopster II get the module 'lopster2' from cvs (information how to get the cvs version can be found at

Lopster II still is alpha, so don't expect all the features from old Lopster.

Lopster utilities


To graphically display some statistics on your lopster sessions you can find a tool at The tool inspects the logfiles lopster writes and if you are lucky you can review your file-sharing activities you've done over the years.

1.2.2 released


The final version of lopster is out! This is only a bugfix release. No more development based on this release is planned.