If you have already downloaded lopster 1.2.1 on 3rd or 4th of July please download the package again.

1.2.1 released


Here is the final lopster release based on gtk+-1.x! There are no significant new features instead the stability was improved (1.2.0 contains some serious bugs). The most important change is that this release now can deal with any napigator-like reporting service.

GotNap is up!


GotNap is another replacement for napigator. You can use this service since lopster 1.2.0-dev2. You only have to change the address (which is by default) to in your preferences. GotNap additionally offers server lists for several client, including lopster. This especially is useful for users that haven't updated tp dev2 yet.

NapList is up!


NapList is a replacement for napigator and is now available for both servers and clients. It is supported by lopster since cvs 1.2.0-dev2.

Napigator is down!


Napigator is down for a over week now and maybe it will never come back. See and for more information.

Italian lopster site


For all italian speaking users! There is a new italian lopster site at

I've also found an italian forum for lopster, maybe it is worth to take a look at

Lopster port for windows available


Lopster has been ported to windows by Sid4U. Look at for more information.

Brand new screenshots added


I've added lots of screenshots of the latest version of Lopster. Check them out if you don't use Windows (unless you want to know what you miss).

1.2.0 released


Here we go! Multi server connections and multi source downloads is now supported.

New forums activated


The forums, mailing lists and trackers were disabled on the project page. Now use the local forums here to discuss suggestions, to report bug or if you need help. Yes, and donate! I don't like to sleep under a bridge next month.

Vote system online


I've added a voting system here (look to the left!) You can vote and also add new polls there. It might have bugs, polls might be lost or deleted by me. But check it out...

Napigator changed URL


A few weeks ago napigator changed the URL to receive the server list. This results in Lopster being not able to get the server list anymore. To fix this Problem you need at least version 1.0.1-dev5.13. Dont send E-Mails how to get and compile the cvs version, instead read man pages and websites!

I almost forgot: Right now i am on vacation, i am *not* available until at least Nov 11th.

CVS snapshot added


If you have problems building the cvs version try the new section CVS. I have added a release-like snapshot.

Next Release is postponed


Sorry, but i haven't had time for Lopster recentely and it is not ready for a real release yet. I'll try to add preconfigured cvs snapshots here for all who have problems building the cvs version.

Next Release will come soon


Finally there will be a new release soon. Lopster will be able to connect to more than one server. Files can be downloaded from different users at the same time. Also it will be able to connect to WPNP as a client. Stay tuned!

1.0.1 released


This version should be quite stable. Also new features were added.

0.9.9 released


It took a long time, but finally 0.9.9 is out. It should much more stable than 0.9.8 and more efficient. Search results are now pingable and a real upload queue was added. Just check it out. There are also a lot of other new features.

MusicCity is almost down


On MusicCity you are now allowed to share at most 2 (two) files. It becomes quite useless. Lets hope that there will be a another good opennap network soon.

0.9.8 released


At least a new version is out! Most changes were made _everywhere_ ! Enjoy the new Search features, a better resume support and transfer bandwidth limitation.

New homepage layout


Yes. Lopster's got a new homepage, more white, more tables, just nice, isn't it?

0.9.7 released


Lopster now supports downloading files with foldername for downloading complete albums for example. Also other media types than mp3s are supported. Full browse support is now added. Searches now can be performed on the Hotlist or the Library.

0.9.6 released


0.9.5 released


0.9.4 released